At the heart of the new testament church, is a beautifully simple rhythm that kept the life of God flowing and working in and through His people. Acts 2 says it like this, “and they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, prayer (worship), the breaking of bread, and fellowship… and God continued to add to this number daily, those who were being saved.” As the church we continue to meet in this way. Bringing people together from all walks of life to be encouraged and equipped in His Word, in the fellowship of His people.

“Big change happens in small groups.”

What does it look like?


We get together: Groups meet weekly across the city (even the world), typically in 6 week blocks that fall within the rhythms of school terms. These can look like interest specific groups (eg; a young moms group)or others that are open to a broader ‘audience’.

Find your vibe: The groups all have a life of their own, and the moments that we gather flow from a simple ‘template’ that we see in the book of revelation, when Jesus speaks to the churches.

We Celebrate: We take a moment to celebrate Gods life in our people by sharing testimonies and encouraging one another in what God is doing in and through our community. We aim to celebrate stories that highlight our core values as a people: Faith, Family & Future because what gets celebrated gets repeated.

We Centre: We read scripture together and share thoughts and group conversations around the Word. We encourage participation cross the group and healthy discussion. This can look like unpacking a Sunday message from Linc Church and diving a little deeper into its personal application for our lives.

And We Charge: We take a moment to ‘summarize’ the conversation, draw out a few faith action steps, and pray for each other before we continue on in our ways. We always wrap up these moments with bold prayers, and personal application.